The ignition to great Team-work: good communication

Team work is the most crucial element or characteristic for a smooth and effective business operation as it allows opportunities for growth, creativity, effective strategic planning and work satisfaction (to mention a few). For team work to be enabled and be of success there is a need for a component which makes a great deal of fostering the Team-work drive and spirit. This is communication.

In general, communication is the act or process of conveying information to another. This can be through speech, writing, or signs etc. According to online business dictionary (, communication is the process of transmitting information about and within the organization. And this is done via work magazines or newsletters, emails, notice boards and many more. The process for great communication involves the disseminator of information and the receiver. These two parties not only wait to send and receive but also must be able to understand each other and share feedback. Understanding can be assisted through accepting questions and feedback by the sender, clarifying them and opening up for the receiver’s comments. Below is a diagram to explain this concept:

Teamwork spirit is easy to cultivate when there is no cloud of vagueness within the work setting and communication assists in removing ambiguity. Take for example if a new concept has been introduced and some employees fail to understand it, with clear communication given to them about the concept they will be able to understand and begin to comprehend it hence their willingness to partake in the concept they so much know about. A willing player helps create a great team and hence the business flows smoothly. The other benefit will be that new ideas and a thriving environment can be created because of the clearly defined and understood structure and procedures. In the end teamwork is boosted.

A team with no confusion is able to achieve its goals and targets. When the organizational goals are clearly stated and understood by the team, confusion is reduced. If there is poor communication in the organization, members within may be confused for example about their duties, roles and even relevance to new and/or ongoing campaigns or projects. This confusion cripples the business growth since some employees who could contribute immensely would not contribute and some will end up working on areas which others should be working on hence the effects of burnout on them. But if there is great communication, each team member will know their duties execute them as well as communicate if they require assistance on some areas hence great results are achieved and the business grow.

The open-door policy within a team is an example of the benefits of great communication. With open door, each and every team member is assured that their opinions matter and are required on any issue or matter. This does help in team work yes but even at individual level if an employee is made to feel worthy they will have an intrinsic drive and love for their job. This in itself boosts employee satisfaction and a satisfied employee is a willing team member. A willing team member plus other willing team members makes up great team and great team work is the result.

Teams that fail to communicate effectively are bound to experience a waste of time and resources and in the end no progress. Members will use their time and energy busy working on what is not required because of a lack of understanding of what needs to be done. As a result the team members will misunderstand each other and their personalities, leading to conflict within the group and a lack of trust between group members. The team members will not understand what makes themselves more efficient, because they fail to get feedback from everyone else in the group, and there is no one else that they can compare their work to. In order to light up the team work spirit under such circumstances, great communication is the only ignition required.

Bad team communication can often result in one or two team members doing all of the work and generally bad relations within the workplace. Since trust and communication are the foundation of all good relationships, including those at work; bad communication signals lack of trust. Without trust, the go-getters on the team will be hesitant to delegate responsibilities to others. Large discrepancies in workloads among the team will cultivate feelings of anger and resentment, further perpetuating the lack of trust and delegation. In the end the business suffers in itself and may fail to maintain the competition with other businesses. But with good communication, the situation will be more in the positive side for the team and the business as well.

High turnover is one costly result of poor communication. This shows that poor communication is not only bad, but for some people it is unbearable. Generally employees can choose to leave such work settings than to stay put. This leaves the company the burden to continue injecting funds for hiring new members, train them and at times delayed progress on projects are noticeable as the new recruits will take a short time adjusting to the new job and members. Team work is greatly affected in turn. If good communication is within the teams, employee retention increases and as it is easier to continue working with members one is familiar with, they will grow together and be able to perform hence business booms.

In work setting with great communication it becomes easier to increase competences among the team members, foster human capital development and strong organizational values. These helps combat challenges within the organization making it stand out and be able to propel and be of competitive advantage among other businesses. Hence communication does ignite great team work which is required for great business success.

Communicating with clarity, purpose, passion and honesty will enable you to serve others in a profound way.”

Janice Bryant Howroyd

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