He said to wait for him

The silence woke me up. I stretched so I could reach for my phone to check the time. It was already nine in the evening. How long had I slept? I asked myself. And for the YouTube channel I was watching, I had no idea how the hallmark movie ended since I fell asleep watching it and the screen had closed.

I stretched my body and felt the tightness of my clothes restricting me to do so. I looked and yes I was not in my night wear. I was dressed like I wanted to go out. Wait, wasn’t I? I checked my call history and yes he had called me around four telling he would come to pick me up so I had to wait on him.

Damn, since four till now. No missed call. No message. Nothing from him. Only that he had said to wait for him.

I pulled myself together so I could gather the strength to get up and change into night wear. At the back of my mind I had this conversation, “whoever said patience pays was nuts”. I have been patient with him but it did not pay, it only added more stress. Actually I only learnt how it is possible for one to kill another on the grounds of disappointment. Ohhhh I hate when my mind start to think this way.

Who knows what he’s up to and with who? I sulked and reached for my pen and paper. I had to write. About anything. Just anything. Cause writing is my therapy.

I write because that’s the only way I know to numb my thoughts.



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