Happy 1st birthday 🎉 to Autism Support Group (ZW)

Have you ever…felt you needed someone to share what you are experiencing with but had no one? The feeling can be too much for one to handle. That is what being a parent of an autistic child can make some feel.

Taking care of a child with autism can make one feel lonely, they may judge themselves badly thinking they are bad at parenting, they may feel ashamed to even go out with their child because they never know the tantrums their child could throw. And for the judging eye they get when their child acts up in public, they feel it is too much for them to handle.

When a parent with a child with autism meets another parent with a child on the spectrum, despite the differences of the symptoms, they instantly feel they have found someone who understands them better. Through sharing experiences, they will learn to appreciate the progress they make in each day and they will not feel lonely. This is the major reason why Autism Support groups should be created.

Today, we celebrate 🎉 our first Anniversary as Autism Support Group. This group has been very helpful to everyone in it in numerous ways. Parents learnt and shared experiences, teachers assisted with learning tips, students shared information about the spectrum from their studies. The group has been a fountain for everyone. Awareness was raised, acceptance increased and mindsets changed for the benefit of those on the spectrum. It is a year yet we have created a family bond that feels like a lifetime. As we celebrate this milestone, we do call upon those who may need to join the group, to scan the link below and join.

Autism is uniqueness and difference personified

Amanda J. Friedman


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